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My love for crafting

Hi! I’m Heather—I’ve been crafting since the moment I could pick up a crayon.

My mother was an avid crafter of anything and everything: calligraphy, beads,

macramé, pottery, paint, you name it. And if someone was interested in learning, she would teach them!

One of my favorite memories is when my mother invited all 26 girls in my 5th grade class to make gifts for the holidays. I remember feeling like I was “in my element.”


My Mother isn’t my only crafting inspiration—my grandmothers quilted, beaded and sewed, too. During Christmastime, they would host a craft show in our basement.


My first-ever craft? Candy suckers in molds. I might have eaten way more than I sold! 😉


How my candle making journey began

I began making candles for birthday gifts and Christmas gifts. I was never planning to sell them, but as I gave more and more away, friends and family started to ask to buy them. Of course, I didn’t let them—but there was finally a point when my husband looked around and asked, “How many people do we have that we can give Christmas gifts to?” (Oops.) At that point, I had made well over 100 candles.


Then, one of my cousins asked once more, “When are you going to get a website up for your candles? I have friends who want a candle too!” That was my turning point—I decided I needed to start selling! I built a website and launched my candle business in October 2020. This was during the heart of the pandemic, and I was so appreciative and amazed by all the support from friends, family, friends of friends, local support—so many people. I feel truly blessed to have had such amazing people who have supported me since the beginning.


Why Burnt at Both Ends Candle Co.?

The name Burnt at Both Ends Candle Co. came from the need to always overextend myself and fit in “just one more thing” even when there isn’t time for it.  I have four kids, two dogs, a husband and a more-than-full family calendar. I even had a full-time job but decided to leave that to focus fully on my family, myself and—of course—my candle business.


What do I like about candle making/benefits of soy candles

Believe it or not, I find it calming to make candles. Also, I really enjoy candles and things that smell nice but don’t pollute the air with toxic chemicals. I feel burning candles can really benefit mental health—whether it’s the smell, the ambient light they give or the meditative quality they embody.

And with my agriculture background in mind, I wanted to support soybean farmers. That’s how I came to choose a 100% soy wax made with soybeans grown in the U.S. Another benefit is that soy wax burns 50% longer than paraffin wax candles and doesn’t leave the black soot on your ceiling.


Burnt at Both Ends Candle Co. products are dye- and phthalate-free and made with fragrance and essential oil blends.

Where can you buy Burnt at Both Ends Candle Co. products?

Online right here, of course! The largest selection can be found on my website.

For craft shows, check out the events calendar, HERE from Facebook.


In retail stores, you can find my candles at:

Antiques Downtown (Elk River, MN)

BKV Decor (Isanti, MN)

Boondocks Vintage Boutique (Cottage Grove, MN)

Collective Dimensions (Crystal, MN)

Home and Beyond (Mall of America - Bloomington, MN)

Humble Roots Boutique (Centerville, MN)

La Vie Est Belle (Lake Elmo, MN)

Mainstream Boutique (Golden Valley, Mendota Heights, Savage, Woodbury & White Bear Lake, MN)

Sam & Friends (Waconia, MN)

The Goat (Northfield, MN) 

Tossed (Stillwater, MN)

Treasures (Hastings, MN)

trove.Marketplace (Stillwater, MN) 

Beloved Makers and Co. (Hudson, WI)

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