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Fragrance and Reeds: please select from the drop down.


What's included:

3 oz. fragrance in bottle

6 diffuser reeds (natural or black)


Reed diffusers are made to order. Please allow 3-5 business days for the creation of your reed diffuser.

Reed Diffuser - 3 oz (Made to Order)

  • Reed Diffusers are a perfect way to fragrance any space continuously in your home.


    - Reed Diffusers are flammable. Keep out the reach of children and pets.

    - Do not place on polished, painted or porous surfaces.

    - Wipe up any spillage immediately.

    - For a strong scent, turn the reeds daily.

    - For a subtle scent, turn the reeds less often.

    - Reed diffusers last two months or more.

    - Recommended room size: bathroom, entryway

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